Lisa with Let's Go Mambo in 2009


Madam Foo Foo Couture was originally founded to help support horse rescue and retirement efforts across the nation. We support organized retirement groups such as Second Stride and the Churchill Hunt Club as well as individuals who are willing to take a horse and give him a new life and a good home. Jessi-Lyn Reuter lives in Sheridan, Wyoming. Our fabulous Let's Go Mambo retired a year ago and went to live with Jessi-Lynn and her mom. Jessi-Lyn was grieving the loss of her dad as well as her long-time equine companion. Let's Go Mambo has given her strength and hope; and Jessi-Lyn has given our precious Mambo a wonderful home and unconditional love. You can view their story on the Let's Go Mambo facebook page!!

In addition to our donation of a portion of our hat sale profits to horse rescue and retirement, Madam Foo Foo Couture also creates hats for other charities. A few of those creations are pictured below.

"Wrapped in Red"

"Shades of Nan"
(named in memory of Lisa's mom)

"Lady Lois O."
It was named in memory of Linda Davis' mom who passed away last year. Linda is Hilary Scott's mother. Hillary is the female vocalist for Lady Antebellum. Profits from this hat were donated to an individual who took a retired racehorse.


So What is This About?

It warms our hearts to share images of a few of our other race horses now in retirement.


Blackjack Buddha

Southern Stag

Sunshine on Tap

Cease Fire



Delicious Diamonds

Magical Wings

Shock N Storm







Much like people, horses go through major changes when their "work" as a race horse is done. Some horses find the "fairy tale" lives afforded to Madam Foo Foo, Let's Go Mambo, and Cease Fire. Other horses are not so fortunate. Just as it warms our hearts to see our horses get new safe and loving homes, it breaks our hearts to see others tortured, abandoned and even slaughtered. We can work together to help these beautiful animals, one "starfish" at a time!!
If you'd like to help give a racehorse a well-deserved and respectful life, right up to the ultimate "finish line," we'd love to see you in one of our creations! We'll be delighted to have you as a member of the "Sisterhood" of Madam FooFoo. Email us


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